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Eleventyism is a work of art and a religion. An Art Religion. Art is the means by which this particular religion came to exist.

Art religion - a religion created as a work of art or which becomes a work of art dutring or after it’s creation. Not the worship of art in general, but a specific religion that is also an artwork. A few well-and-lesser-known examples are The Church of the Subgenius, FSM/Pastafarianism, Earthseed, TIFPRABAP, and Pasaquan(St. EOM). An art religion can represent the beliefs of the artist or represent concepts offered up as potentialities that may or may not be believed by anyone.

Eleventyism is not affiliated in any way with any of the other art religions linked above - except for the possible fact that they are all forms of Eleventyism, unbeknownst to them - they do not claim to be art religions or forms of Eleventyism, but they do not deny it either. Probably becasue they have never heard of Eleventyism or art religions.

The Eleven Things of Eleventyism:

1) The nature and origin of the universe are far beyond our current understanding and it is silly to pretend like we know how and why we are here, or if there is a why at all. Either we will know for certain some day or we won't - until then let's not behead one another.
2) It is possible we are here to build spaceships together and explore the universe peacefully for as long as humans exist.
3) We should hurry up and learn to all get along so we can start building spaceships together as soon as possible. It would be great if they were super shiny.
4) Other religions aren't necessarily wrong in their beliefs, but they probably aren't correct either.
5) Eleventyistic beliefs probably aren't correct, but they aren't necessarily all wrong either.
6) When an eleventyist notices that the time is 11:11 the eleventyist must praise eleventy. Out loud. Whether alone or with others. This is essential.
7) The official food of eleventyism is the yam. A yam must be sacrificed once a year on the eleventh of November at 11:11 am or pm. The method of sacrifice is entirely up to the individual eleventyist. Or, don't do it at all - no one really cares.
8) There are currently only 7 ‘Eleven Things of Eleventyism’, but we fully expect there to be 11 ‘Eleven Things’ eleventually - and then some. A baker’s dozen of ‘Eleven Things’ would be lovely - and might smell nice, too.

Eleventyism offers no answers and makes no promises. We don't expect to have eny, ever, but we might, though I doubt we will know if we do. There are no Eleventyist churches. Eleventyism can be practiced anywhere at any time, indoors or out, underwater or in zero-g. No special building or structure is necessary to be constructed to facilitate the flow of the Eleventy. Unless, of course, you feel the urge to do so, then knock yourself out. But please, don't. Or do. Doesn't really matter. Except that it really does.

The Eleventyist celebrates the fact that humans still have very limited knowledge of the universe and that the more we learn, more questions seem to arise than answers. To acknowledge our ignorance is to embrace and celebrate all there is yet to learn and discover. Eleventyists embrace their ignorance as they embrace one another. Lots and lots of embracing.

What is the eleventy? Who knows? It could be just about anything. Or nothing. It is too soon to tell and we may never know. Eleventy is a made up word based on Spinal Tappian* philosophy - this universe “goes to eleven."

How do you become an eleventyist? It’s easy! Just declare that you are an eleventyist and you are! There is nothing to do, no one to pay, and no special ceremony, unless you feel like making one of your own.

"We will all see the Faint Glow of the Eleventy, eleventually." - The Most Splendiferous Yam

"If we each have our own religion, then either we are all heretics, or none." - The Great Unbeknownst

"Fron the point of view of the peak-experiencer, each person has his own private religion." - Abraham Maslow, Religion, Values and Peak Experiences, 1964.

*Nigel Tufnel - This is Spinal Tap, 1984. MGM


Eleventyist Undoctrination
Notes on a conversation about Eleventyism
with Winston Hodge and Dave Braun
Written by Winston Hodge

Eleventyism as a belief does not exist, or require belief in it. It is un-begun. There is no hook offered to be caught upon, it is the unhooking of minds or the complete absence of a hook. It creates no carrot for any donkey, and does not ride donkeys, with stick and string in hand. It is not a man riding another man, behind his brain and eyes, with a stick. It dangles no carrot.
Eleventy is concerned with what has not happened. Eleventy does not tolerate religion, and does so by tolerating it.
There are no miracles in Eleventyism, except for the un-miraculous. Completely impressed and awestruck by things that did not happen, an Eleventyist is satisfied with non-events. For instance, a chance meeting with someone did not happen. So many billions of things had to not happen in order for the chance meeting to not occur, and conversely, so many trillions of things had to not happen for the chance meeting to in fact occur, from the earth coming into being as an uninhabitable freezing ball and staying that way, down to one party in the chance meeting not forgetting their keys in the house six months ago. The infinity of non occurrences boggles the mind of the Eleventyist, and renders every happenstance or un-accomplished task a miracle of impossibility. One step of a foot in front of the other, or a glorious moment of hesitation are miracles of such enormity that they render the proactive miracles of hearsay irrelevant. A fiction of walking on water is an objectively un done thing in that it never happened, and further, was never possible, so it has far less than no meaning to an
eleventyist who is struck by the trillions of actually possible events that never occurred to bring us to this moment.

Eleventyists and Possession

An Eleventyist does not spend their money, they spend the money, because all money is their money and everyone else’s money. They do not possess money, and yet all money is theirs. Eleventyism is not a possession contained within a bag with one’s other limited stuff. Eleventy is a bag turned inside out that now contains the entire universe. And now the bag that was meant to separate owned things from the rest now only hides the shields that conceal perceived possessions. In no longer containing anything specific, but everything all together, the bag merely hides barriers from view, and is all inclusive.
At never occurring Eleventyist events, the non-participants, who are somewhere else doing their own thing, wear their pockets inside out to signify that all money is theirs, but also that they possess none of it.

Eleventyist Persecution
Eleventyist persecution manifests itself as signs clearly stating “No Eleventy”, posted by eleventyists themselves in places they never go anyway. Eleventyist heresy is to claim that there is an Eleventy at all, the ultimate blasphemy being to settle it into doctrine with rules, processes, rewards and punishments, or to pay anyone for it in any way, unless you want to do all that and then you will be tolerated, either by unconcerned people who don’t know you ever existed, or perhaps by those who are not even in existence themselves, and are not existing in the vastness of things that never happened.

Much was never said or repeated to prevent Eleventy from not occurring. Many things must not be done to insure that Eleventy is adopted by no one as a solid thought form, in order to avoid consequences of any kind.

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