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Eleventyism is a work of art and a religion. An Art Religion. Art is the means by which this particular religion came to exist.

Why Super-Psycho-Synergetic-Eleventyism?

Super because it’s super-duper.
Psycho because it’s all in your head, and a little bit crazy.
Synergetic because somehow it’s all connected. All of it. Everything. Eleverything.
Eleventy because this one "goes to eleven"*
-Ism because it don't mean shism if it aint got that got that ism.

Eleventyism offers no answers and makes no promises. We don't expect to have eny, ever, but we might, though I doubt we will know if we do. There are no Eleventyist churches. Eleventyism can be practiced anywhere at any time, indoors or out, underwater or in zero-g. No special building or structure is necessary to be constructed to facilitate the flow of the Eleventy. Unless, of course, you feel the urge to do so, then knock yourself out. But please, don't. What is the eleventy? How do you become an eleventyist? Here are some suggestions.

"We will all see the Faint Glow of the Eleventy, eleventually." - The Most Splendiferous Yam

"If we each have our own religion, then either we are all heretics, or none." - The Great Unbeknownst

"Fron the point of view of the peak-experiencer, each person has his own private religion." - Abraham Maslow, Religion, Values and Peak Experiences, 1964.

*Nigel Tufnel - This is Spinal Tap, 1984. MGM

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